Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Beat those Blues!

New Year, New You!

If like me, your January took forever but you don't remember doing anything, start your year in February! 
Now is the time to take back charge of our boring, regimented routine but soak in some of the joy we seem to save up and use in abundance in December. 
I'm not talking resolutions, you know, the 'New Year' type. I'm talking little things to help you keep that warm feeling of happiness a little longer, especially whilst we curse the Baltic temperatures at least. 
Whether it's outside, showing the world, or inside you, in your mind, I'm a firm believer that simple pleasures can go a long way. 
Here's 8 things that will seem huge to some and minor to others, I'm not suggesting do them all, but one or two of them might just keep a spring in your step, well at least until Spring hopefully ha! 

  1. Smile! It takes more energy to be miserable than it does to happy! Hopefully you've smiled your way through Christmas, keep it going. If you're going through a hard time, do the 'remember when' game. Those times you were smiling, you were laughing. Even better, create new 'remember when's'! Make those giggles now. Laugh with a friend, laugh with a child, laugh with your partner. You get one go at this life, only you can decide whether you'll smile through it, even the hard times. 
  2. Guilty pleasures! Ooh I hear you all cringing ha! I'll be honest, most of my life may be perceived as a guilty pleasure. I love being a geek! Embrace your guilty pleasure, do it as often as you can! Watch Harry Potter. Eat your daughters crisps (and replace, I'm not that mean!) Sing as loud as you want in the car to Wham!   It's YOUR guilty pleasure! 
  3. Sparkle everyday! That dress you bought for the Christmas do? Chunky cardi and tights, wear it one Sunday out for lunch, even better, wear it for work one Monday morning! That new shirt, tie, suit, it cost you a teeny tiny fortune, get it worn! You'll definitely have a spring in your step and a smile on your face!
  4. Do new! We all have a local and that's good, but spread your wings. Fly further afar. Try a new bar, pub, restaurant. Last months issue featured so many options over the Christmas period. All those venues to choose from and fill our sparkly boots with!
  5. Be selfish! Ok, within reason obviously ha! Say no if you want to. We all deserve time for us, we're the only ones in our head who can look after us! 
  6. Perfect the flick! (Ahem, sorry!) I've always wanted to be able to do a really good winged eyeliner. I am now going to practise. What do you want out of your personal daily routine? Actually remembering to take your make up off is a good one! Or deciding to apply face cream, whether you're male or female, face cream is always a good idea. 
  7. Don't save for best! The best is now! Everyday is best, overdressed is never! Always look and feel your best, it does wonders for your inner confidence and doesn't cost the earth. Even indoors, wear your favourite pjs. You may think it's overrated but that's because YOU save your best for best...
  8. Last one... and to quote one of my favourite voices at the moment, Jess Glynne, Don't be so hard on yourself? Life can be hard, it can be exhausting, it can also be damn right cruel but keep going, keep smiling, with sequins on your back, a heel on your shoe and a guilty pleasure in everyday madness, make this year your best year yet! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Get your glad-rags ready, party season is approaching!

I know, I hear you, why talk Christmas already?! I haven't had my summer holiday, the labels are still on my swimwear and I haven't even had blisters from those gorgeous 'too high for me' sexy sandals yet! It will silently creep up and be here before we know it, whether we like it or not. The summer sales will clear (thankfully) and the shops will start showing heavier, richer items ready for the Autumn season. 
Thanks to many firms wanting to save a few quid, a lot of businesses hold their Christmas parties as early as October, so realistically the planning of your seasonal party attire isn't far away. Not just your works Christmas do, but meals with family, nights out with friends, they all require suitable outfits. 

This years party season will be all about jewels. Embellished pieces in jewel tones are exactly what you need to look for. Emerald greens, Ruby reds, Sapphire blues are just a few to mention. Men and Women will look the most regal they have done in many seasons. Fabrics should be satin, velvet, jacquard, think royalty, think heavy. 
If you don't want to buy a new outfit, a jewelled bag or stiletto would be the perfect addition to an existing ensemble or a jewel toned tie or shirt would accompany an existing suit. If your outfit is simple, then jewellery is the key to staying on trend.
The skies the limit! Earrings, think Pat Butcher, the bigger the better. Necklaces, rings, cufflinks, if it can be a jewel, let it be a jewel. Statement pieces will be extremely eye catching this party season. 
If some of this sounds too over the top for your taste, a simple brooch or decorative hair pin is an easy answer. Stylish, classy and elegant. 
Our great British high street will once again, treat us to a party worthy wardrobe ready for the seasonal festivities! 

These are just a few shiny accessories from Zara 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Everyone wants a Stud!

This summer, I want to turn your attention to the Stud! Not the hot guy on your train journey to work every day or the dude who passes you as you get your morning coffee, the fashion stud!
I love a stud, a detailed skull here and there, the odd pearl hiding on that favourite striped shirt. The intricate detail on an item of clothing or accessory is what makes it stand out. They give it an edge, they give you an edge. They can turn clothes into an outfit. A simple tee into a statement piece. The high street this year is full of fabulous pieces that can do exactly that and many at a bargain price. Below are a few pieces spotted on our sensational high street this week:

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Wedding Season

Where is this year going? It's May already!

However, on a more positive note, it's wedding season!Forget the bride, she got her frock sorted long ago, it's your turn! Depending on the venue, guests and your part in the wedding, your outfit could be one of many choices. Here are just a few options to suit a variety of figures and tastes...

Fancy getting your pins out?

This flirty floral number has a tapered hem (shorter at the front than the back) this helps to elongate the leg and make them look longer! The embroidered detail is unbelievably pretty making this dress perfect for a wedding. The bag and clutch are very understated and so the attention is on the beautiful dress.
(The dress can also be worn with flats for a more casual look and the shoes and bag are very interchangeable with various spring/summer outfits, which reduces price per wear and that's always a bonus!)

Beautifully Busty?

For ladies who are top heavy, this dress is perfect to open the chest, exaggerate the waist and stay charmingly classy. The belt shapes the figure and allows your curves to flow with the dress. The beaded clutch and cut-out mules have all the detail you need to complete the outfit. (The clutch is very much a statement piece and will also be a talking point for further outfits. The shoes are also perfect with skinnies, mini's or maxi's.)

Sweet Petite?

You may look at this option and think it's too boring and plain for a wedding, however for someone who is petite, the impact this look would give is quite the opposite. Colour blocking (i.e solid colours both top and bottom) is an easy way of creating the illusion of height. This outfit just does that. The halter neck and off shoulder bares enough skin to be elegant and not trashy. The simplicity of this outfit means you can be adventurous in your choice of accessories. The choice of shoes shown, with fruit sequin detail, is so on trend this season. Any bright bag or shoe is an option for this jumpsuit.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Like many of you, I am amazed by Mother's. How they manage to do what they do. Keeping all those balls in the air plus looking fabulous and smiling all the time. They are the glue that holds a family together, who else knows what cereal you love or what days you need your P.E kit. They stay strong for you when you're at your lowest and only sob in silence, keeping their 'Mum armour' on.
Personally, my Mum is the strongest woman I know. She won't know that because she's still keeping her Girl Guide Motto, 'To think of others before herself and does a good turn every day.' Not bad words to live by when you think about it.
I won't be able to spend the day with my Mum this year but I have sent her a card and dodgy present that I'm hoping will bring a smile to her face. FaceTime will have to do until she's home for a human hug.
I am all in favour of a hug but I reckon most Mum's will appreciate a little something else on Mother's day. I've pulled together a short list of gift ideas that won't break the bank, (let's face it, we love our Mum's but we all haven't got Donald Trumps bank balance!):

Black Lily Scented Boxed Glass Candle - £6 Matalan

Saturday, 18 March 2017

And Relax... Rapport Hair and Beauty - Leeds, Yorkshire

Me and mine, have been going to this family run salon for a couple of years now and every time we go, whether its to get the girls hair cut or a full day treat for yours truly, we are treated like royalty. Enough cannot be done to make sure you have the most relaxing and enjoyable time.

On my most recent visit, I had my hair, nails and HD brows done. A 9.15am arrival, after a usual traumatic double school run, (my oldest girls' school is over-subscribed, so my youngest goes to a different school), I was greeted with beaming smiles from Leah and Ashley, as they probably knew I would enter like a whirlwind and look like one too! Coat taken and hung, I was escorted to my new throne for the day. An instant wash of calm came over me and I don't just mean the gorgeous caffeine fix I received.
Discussions over my locks began, would I be pink? Would I be blue? Or do I go Lilac? Lilac it is. Now I'm not going to pretend I understand the in's and out's of toner's and dye's and bleach, oh my! But I trust them 100% with my tresses and so they begin their magic...

Whilst the mane is doing its bit, I head upstairs to work on the rest of my broken bits! Nails first! And boy are they broken!
Alex and Julie are the angels of beauty upstairs. Julie's massages have sent me to sleep on more than one occasion, to feel that relaxed is amazing. I've previously had facials, 3D lipo and waxing amongst other delightful treats that make me feel more like a woman and less like a crazy bag lady!
Alex starts on my nails whilst I witter on at her about how hectic my life is and try to come up with an explanation as to why my nails are in such a state. I fail. No judgemental face from Alex, just a smile and sympathetic ear. Even when I spend 15 minutes deciding on a nail colour, as the selection is unreal, she does not falter from doing a fantastic job with my chewed nails and anxious skin bitten hands.

Once my nails are completed, I head back to my first throne for a conditioning treatment to my locks. Already amazingly relaxed from the ambience upstairs, they begin to blow dry my hair. Anyone who doesn't enjoy their hair being blow dried by someone else, has issues (sorry, not sorry). Finished with a quick style and a final caffeine fix before heading back up to the angels for my HD brows.
Again, Alex is my beautician and she completes my final tweak in order to feel like a woman once again. I never realised the importance of good brows, until I had good brows and now... I have fabulous brows!

And here I am, ready to take on the world once more!

I cannot recommend Rapport enough, fabulous salon and even more fabulous people!

Treat your Mum to a treatment!
Don't forget, Mother's Day is Sunday 26th March.
The wonderful people at Rapport have so much to choose from, there is something for everyone and they have a range of prices to offer.

Contact details:
To make an appointment (Man, Woman or child) simply call: 0113 232 8983

Full treatment and pricelists available here:

You can find them at: 839 York Road, Leeds, LS14 6AA

Follow them on Facebook for deals and discounts:

Friday, 10 February 2017

High Street Hero Handbag

The place that is personal to every woman in the world. The place no gentleman dares enter.  The sometimes bottomless pit that even we are shocked by its contents. There are many variations of the handbag. We call them many things, but essentially we have a day bag or in my case, 'a Mum bag', 'a going out bag' and probably 'a work bag'. The 'Mum bag' contains sticky things, wrappers, toys from £1 machines that come in a plastic ball and a packet of those wax crayons that contain a red, blue, yellow and green that you get in a pub with free colouring sheets. This is the least of the glamourous bags, I'm sure goes without saying. The 'work bag' is slightly more sophisticated. Small make up bag containing concealer, lippy and Vaseline for those dauntingly air conditioned offices. Probably a pen, possibly even a notepad, a small piece of fruit, bruised of course and a wandering hair bobble. The 'going out bag', the one I want to champion today is the most glittering of all, in the collection of bags. Its sometimes forgotten when buying an outfit, you always think you have one in your wardrobe that will suit, plus another £20-£30 on a bag would in fact get you more in a way of cocktails than in actual wardrobe snaps. I'm totally guilty of this. Surely you cant get to 30-something without having a medley of suitable going out bags. However, my recent wandering fashion eye has spotted that the high street is teasing me with a new type of going out bag that I really need to add to my collection. Call it what you will, Camera bag, Boxy bag, Shoulder bag, they are all of similar small size, but large enough for essentials, phone, purse, lippy, eye liner. The ones that have caught my eye are below, now its the choice of which one will I use the most!
At £20 and less, I'm sure I can stretch to that and once used more than once, the cost per wear makes it totally deductible! Treat yourself girls and spare the liver that extra Cosmo!

All these bags come in a variation of colours - check websites for options.

Remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!