Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glamping....or not so much!

This weekend, my fabulous family and I went to Scarborough. We've spent the past two nights in a caravan! We stayed at Cayton Bay and I can't recommend it enough! The kids loved it, the hubby loved it and so did I! (Can I also just add that the sun was only to be seen on our route home.)
We visited the John Bull Factory, cycled to the beach (during the only two dry hours), 'Star Treking' in the Bay View Show Bar and went to the Sea Life Centre (previous home to Paul the 'World Cup' Octopus). 
Once again, I under packed! I do it every time we go away as a family. The girls have everything for every possible weather outcome. My husband (I also pack most of his stuff too!) had 2 coats and 6 pairs of underpants (we only went for 2 nights). But me, I never think of myself when it comes to packing. I never put enough thought into what I take. 
I don't have a 'camping' style wardrobe. The only item I have that fits the necessary criteria is my Purple Hunters. I have maxi's, shirts, peep toes and flip flops. I needed a hoody. I needed a raincoat. I needed jeans other than skinny! I think I've given into the fact that these things must be added to my wardrobe. It won't be the last time we 'Glamp', given the amount of fun we had, so these staples will be added to my collection. 

Raincoat -
Hoody -
Jeans -

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