Sunday, 1 March 2015

Play-doh Party!

Like all Mums, I make a fuss of my daughters birthday parties. I love to think of new party themes. So for Ayla's 3rd birthday I decided on a Play-doh party!
Along with 99 packets of play-doh, I bought feathers, sparkles, Pom pom's, eyes and pipe cleaners. I had various shape cutters including animals, numbers and letters, and what felt like a 1000 rolling pins.
The 15 children (and parents) made exotic animals, shiny fish, busy bees and long legged spiders! I think the Parents got just as creative as the children. It's hard to sit and not play when there's so much for the mind to play with! The imagination of all the toddlers was fabulous to see! The shapes, the colour combinations, the flare with the sparkles and feathers. It was like playing dress up but with play doh!
Along with standard party games, pass the parcel and the parachute for cat and mouse and sharks, we had prizes for 2 of the best masterpieces created (parents not in participation). Ayla was the deciding judge and chose two marvellous pieces which we named 'Monster with 5 eyes' and 'Pom Pom sailboat'.
The party bags were made up of small pots of play doh, shape cutters, a rolling pin (No way was I taking home a 1000 rolling pins!) and of course a slice of the Caterpillar cake.

I had lots of compliments on the idea which is something I love to hear. 
I would definitely recommend this type of party, the kids, parents and of course, Ayla loved it which was, as Mum, my main priority.

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