Friday, 3 February 2017


When one part of your life is successful, does another suffer?
For example, if your job is going well and you're promoted, does that mean longer hours? More time away from home? Husband? Kids?
If your house is spotless, wash baskets empty and kids on time for school everyday, do you look like an 80's throwback with a cardigan, that now you think about it, would your mum even wear it?
Its not just women! Blokes, if you think you're going to work, coming home, play fighting with the kids, hitting the gym, getting to the rugby on a weekend, does your lass smile at you through gritted teeth?

If I sit and think about the daily things on my mind, my brain physically hurts. Even the things you do without thinking, that you do automatically.
How do we balance the immensely busy lifestyles that we have now become accustomed to?

From personal experience, I try get up, showered, dressed, bit of make up and then go do kids breakfast. Guarantee I'm screaming like an old fishwife 5 minutes after we should leave the house for school every morning. But is this just me needing to get up 10 minutes earlier or do I leave the shower and make up bit out?
Sometimes I think, Hey, I'm nailing this week! Done some washing, kids been on time for school every day, I've not looked too bad for the school run and then that sinking feeling pops into my head, when was the last time I washed the girls hair?
My most recent accomplishment is hitting the gym 3 times a week, making my Slimming World class (and staying for group - those that know, know!), planning my meals but then I realise I haven't researched any work for 2 whole weeks!

And yes I've wittered on for 3 paragraphs - but can you imagine this and working a 9-5 or worse, even longer?!

How is it flipping done? How do you get it right? How do you pick and choose what to focus on?

And you know what, you don't. Simple.

Screaming fishwife section aside, those things that I didn't do or was late for, didn't stop my world from turning round. I left a pile of washing on my living room floor (proof on Instagram 😶) for a whole 12 hours this week, but it meant that I played cafe's with my little girls and read them a story in bed. I even had the cheek to sit on the sofa with my husband and watch TV, while it sat there! And you know what, I don't care!

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves, no one else does it. We do it to ourselves.
When it comes down to it, all of the above means I've got a family, a home, food on the table and my health.

No one is Wonder Woman, even Linda Carter gave that up and as for Superman, how many has there been now?

Enjoy the every day, put the guilt away and focus on what you do, not what you don't.

Happy Friday!

Remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!

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