Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Beat those Blues!

New Year, New You!

If like me, your January took forever but you don't remember doing anything, start your year in February! 
Now is the time to take back charge of our boring, regimented routine but soak in some of the joy we seem to save up and use in abundance in December. 
I'm not talking resolutions, you know, the 'New Year' type. I'm talking little things to help you keep that warm feeling of happiness a little longer, especially whilst we curse the Baltic temperatures at least. 
Whether it's outside, showing the world, or inside you, in your mind, I'm a firm believer that simple pleasures can go a long way. 
Here's 8 things that will seem huge to some and minor to others, I'm not suggesting do them all, but one or two of them might just keep a spring in your step, well at least until Spring hopefully ha! 

  1. Smile! It takes more energy to be miserable than it does to happy! Hopefully you've smiled your way through Christmas, keep it going. If you're going through a hard time, do the 'remember when' game. Those times you were smiling, you were laughing. Even better, create new 'remember when's'! Make those giggles now. Laugh with a friend, laugh with a child, laugh with your partner. You get one go at this life, only you can decide whether you'll smile through it, even the hard times. 
  2. Guilty pleasures! Ooh I hear you all cringing ha! I'll be honest, most of my life may be perceived as a guilty pleasure. I love being a geek! Embrace your guilty pleasure, do it as often as you can! Watch Harry Potter. Eat your daughters crisps (and replace, I'm not that mean!) Sing as loud as you want in the car to Wham!   It's YOUR guilty pleasure! 
  3. Sparkle everyday! That dress you bought for the Christmas do? Chunky cardi and tights, wear it one Sunday out for lunch, even better, wear it for work one Monday morning! That new shirt, tie, suit, it cost you a teeny tiny fortune, get it worn! You'll definitely have a spring in your step and a smile on your face!
  4. Do new! We all have a local and that's good, but spread your wings. Fly further afar. Try a new bar, pub, restaurant. Last months issue featured so many options over the Christmas period. All those venues to choose from and fill our sparkly boots with!
  5. Be selfish! Ok, within reason obviously ha! Say no if you want to. We all deserve time for us, we're the only ones in our head who can look after us! 
  6. Perfect the flick! (Ahem, sorry!) I've always wanted to be able to do a really good winged eyeliner. I am now going to practise. What do you want out of your personal daily routine? Actually remembering to take your make up off is a good one! Or deciding to apply face cream, whether you're male or female, face cream is always a good idea. 
  7. Don't save for best! The best is now! Everyday is best, overdressed is never! Always look and feel your best, it does wonders for your inner confidence and doesn't cost the earth. Even indoors, wear your favourite pjs. You may think it's overrated but that's because YOU save your best for best...
  8. Last one... and to quote one of my favourite voices at the moment, Jess Glynne, Don't be so hard on yourself? Life can be hard, it can be exhausting, it can also be damn right cruel but keep going, keep smiling, with sequins on your back, a heel on your shoe and a guilty pleasure in everyday madness, make this year your best year yet! 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


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