Thursday, 26 May 2016

Coachella, California – Who, What….Wear?

If you could cross a feminine rock chick with lace and florals, you would find her here.
Coachella began in 1999 and gained head way by being dubbed the ‘anti-Woodstock’. Booking acts based on artistry as opposed to radio popularity.  Notable acts included Foo Fighters, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Amy Winehouse, to namedrop a few.
If I could choose one act to appear at Coachella, in their heyday of course, it would be Jamiroquai. The frontman himself, Jay Kay, was made for over the top hats and jackets, much like those showcased on the revellers at every music festival since the beginning of time! His eccentric look makes you want to become a ‘Space Cowboy’ and live in his ‘Virtual Insanity’. His husky voice and ability to get into the crowds mind, would be enough to blow you away in any venue, never mind the mass of open desert of Coachella, filled with quirky and colourful vibes.


All the artists booked for Coachella come with their own creative flair. This is shown in their music, stage sets and of course, their outfits. I love that many artists draw us in with their music and their wardrobe.

As mentioned earlier, that feminine rock chick, drizzled in lace and florals, is me. I love nothing more than denim cut off shorts, tired groupie t-shirt, cropped lace waistcoat and flat sandals with a pop of colour. One of the best things about fashion is its ability to bring out the best in people. It shows how they are feeling. Festivals are full of floral headdresses, feathers, bright colours. Even the darkness of black is brought to life by colour. You can instantly feel alive in what you’re wearing.
The fashion, music and the socialising at Coachella is definitely why it would be my go to music festival.
I feel the need to revel.


By Lindsey Benson
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