Friday, 6 January 2017

How to... Get through the January blues...'s over, normality resumed! Whether you've returned to work at the beginning of the week or the school run has just started to rear its ugly head, you can guarantee that the alarm won't go off or the kids stay in bed later than they have done in whole two weeks they've been off! Not only that, but the thought of that washing pile you've not touched (it was your Christmas too!), the general cleaning you've dodged (who knew Christmas decorations could gather so much dust!), and yet Monday, once again, is only 3 sleeps away! (Sorry!)

So now I've depressed you just that little bit more, here is my list of 7 things to help beat those January blues...

1. Reminisce your laughter...
At this point it's probably hard to remember how much you've laughed in your lifetime. Me, I've laughed a lot. A hell of a lot. Thinking about the memories that made you laugh the most, can bring you back to a happier time.
The time your friend walked into a bollard in Benidorm and you ran off laughing or when your friend came to your hen do with a spray tan that would put an Umpa-Lumpa to shame.
The fact that your friend snorts when she laughs and that makes you laugh even more!
Thinking of all these things can instantly and without cost, bring a smile back to your face.

2. Do something for someone else
Although above I have taken delight in the misfortunes of my friends, I do like to do things for others. Its not selfish to make yourself feel good by helping someone else (whatever Joey says to Phoebe!). Spread the love! Its much nicer to make more than one person feel good, including yourself. Go see that elderly relative that you haven't seen for months, take a shortbread to a neighbour and see if they want company for a coffee. Even bag up all that stuff you've been meaning to take to the Charity shop since June (you won't need summer clothes now, its freezing!).
Trust me, you will feel better. (and if you don't get the Joey and Phoebe comment, you need to watch more Friends - see my next idea!)

3. Comedy TV
The other night I watched Fawlty Towers with my husband. He literally cried with laughter at it. Personally, not so much. I'm more of an Only Fools or Ab Fab girl myself (and Friends of course). Give me Del falling through the bar or Patsy and Eddie air kissing any day.
What I'm saying is, watch something that makes you happy. Curl up with a blanket and a cuppa, kids, husband, dog, tortoise, whatever! and chill your little ass out watching something that makes you smile.

4. Wrap up and face the world
Now you've had your cosy day watching TV, its time to get your hat and coat on! If there's blue sky, get yourself outside. It might be freezing but you all own a coat and I'm sure you all got a knitted scarf from an Aunty that you never see, for Christmas. I love wrapping the kids up and walking with the low Winter sun beaming at us. If you're lucky enough to have a Temple Newsam or Roundhay Park near by, there's little or no excuse to get some fresh air. Failing that, walk to a friends house. The blue sky and fresh air will put you in the mood for coffee and a natter.

5. Speak to Friends
Remember when your house phone had a wire? My kids certainly don't. Brought up in the new age of social media its easy to forget that your friends are actually human and not an online robot.
Physically go see your friends. Go to their house, invite them to yours, meet for coffee. If you can't get there, dial their number (or look in Contacts!) and speak to them. Not WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat. Actually have a conversation with a human and not a keyboard! You'll be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

6. Small Pleasures
What's your favourite thing to do? One of mine, is to sit on my bed with a cup of tea and magazine, reading with no interruptions, it doesn't happen very often, but it's still one of my favourite things to do.
When was the last time you baked a cake? Coloured in a picture? Painted your nails? Those little things that you say, I wish I did that more often, do them! Whatever it may be. That small treat increases your happiness like you wouldn't believe.

7. Plan for adventure
Yes its January. Yes we're skint after Christmas but no that won't always be the case. That trip you want to take, research it. That place you always wanted to go with the kids, when does it reopen. That summer holiday, price it up. Having something to look forward to is always a happiness booster. When my kids can't sleep, this is what I tell them to dream about, what adventure will we take next...

Remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!

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