Friday, 13 January 2017

Let's make every day sparkly!

The inspiration for this weeks blogpost comes from my youngest daughter. Her collection of sparkly tights, matches that of my shoe collection (oh its big!). Every day we 'discuss' options of tights to go with her school uniform. To this day I've never let her go in anything other than navy, black or grey. However, this got me thinking, my 4 year old who cackles like a witch and doesn't have a care in the world, wants to sparkle every day. She wants to skip out of the house in her glittery dresses and tights regardless of wherever she's going. Now, wouldn't that be nice. If you could get up on a morning and wear something shiny, even if you're only doing the school run. January is dreary enough without the thought of black and grey thermals!
So thanks to my little dude's philosophy, I've decided to add some sparkle to my school run! A daily dose of something glitzy that may just make me want to leave the warm cosy house and stand outside 2 different schools every morning! (Oh the joys of over subscribed primary schools!)
Yes I may look eccentric, but I'll be a happy eccentric! I think everyone should wear a little something on a daily basis that makes you sparkle!

These are some pieces from my wardrobe:

Pink Metallic Converse

White Tee with Foil Animal Print - French Connection

Metallic Midi Skirt - Warehouse

Pink Suede Diamante Pumps - Miss KG

The High Street are also trying to get us dressing a little more sparkly and glamourous, here are a few simple pieces that can add instant daytime sparkle to your wardrobe:

           Long Sleeve Silver Foil Sweater - £17.99 Zara

       Imitation Leather Trousers Grey- £24.99 H and M

        Metallic Pleat Back Top Dark Green - £25 Warehouse

                                Pom Pom Cross Body Bag Gold (Girls Acc's) - £12.99 Zara

Remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!

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