Tuesday, 30 April 2013


You may have noticed that I haven't blogged for nearly a week! Well, I have a reason, a poor one, but a reason all the same. I've been cheating! I've been cheating on fashion with homeware!
Everyone has a budget, even millionaires have a budget. Unfortunately mine has been blown on bricks and mortor as we're extending our house. So no new 'pretty' material purchases this week and I doubt there will be next week.
On the positive side, I have taken advantage of items I already have, old favourites if you like. Given I've been at home with the girls this week, I'll be honest, I've been in leggings and jeggings everyday (except Sunday when I was brave and wore a maxi and a crop with flip flops, as the husband treated me to lunch).
The greatest thing to be 'recycled' trend wise was leggings! And in turn, the 'jeggin' introduced. I don't do colourful leggings, only black, but jeggings, I'm quite adventurous. I have purple, khaki and acid wash (very much in this S/S). They are the perfect wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down. I like a pocket on my jeggings, they make the bum look smaller. Also if a jeggin has pockets, a paired top can be short length instead of long. If leggings, then the top MUST cover the bum.
Today I've worn black leggings with a maroon t-shirt dress from Topshop with a leopard print skinny belt from H&M, black studded pumps from Office and my trusty leather jacket from Miss S circa 2005! (Staple).

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