Sunday, 7 April 2013

Television Inspiration

Ever look at something in your wardrobe and think why did I buy that? I often do. Through the years of investing in my wardrobe, I've had various casualties and triumphs along the way. 

I've just finished watching Rock of Ages, the film with Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and given that its set in 1987, I still couldn't help but wish I had 'Sherrie's' cowboy boots and denim cut offs. 
I can remember seeing Footloose for the first time, I wanted cowboy boots from that film too, the red one's that Ariel wears, against her Dads wishes of course. Although I never purchased the red cowboy boots. 
I did buy a twinset once, a la Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from their Two of a Kind days, well my mum did as I was only 12! The thought of a twinset now makes me cringe :/. I have a few cringeworthy moments now I think back...
I'm sure we all want a Devil wears Prada life, Chanel boots, Dolce coat etc, but in reality it's not always, or rarely is, achievable. 
I love to take inspiration from films and tv programmes, as much as I do Glamour and Look. I think it defines a persons style and your style should reflect your learn from your mistakes and joys in life, as you should your wardrobe.

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