Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What's your number?

I know I shouldn't ask this question as its supposedly deemed rude, but what size are you? In UK sizes, I am an honest size 12. I say honest as I tell people I am that size and I actually am that size. When I go in a shop, I pick up size 12's. I have curves and wobbly bits, although I'd like more curves and less wobbly bits. If an item of clothing doesn't fit I have no problem picking up a 14 (or a 16 if necessary), or in the same turn a 10 (this doesn't happen that often). I would rather something fit me properly than try squeezing into something and it possibly look and feel uncomfortable. Do you do the same? Would you rather pick up a size bigger and look better or a size smaller just to say it is a size smaller??
Personally, I don't think size matters, I think it's how you look and feel that does.

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