Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tacky trainers....or not

I'm sure we've all seen items that we absolutely love, but could not make that leap of faith to purchase, given that we know we just can't pull it off. Better to have loved and lost than to make a fashion faux pa!
Well today I did just that. I stared in wonder at the cobalt (my favourite colour, of course) and red New Balance trainers and in my heart I thought, "Those would make me feel pretty inside, even in trainers." Unfortunately my head disagreed and the 'play it safe Linzi' said "Get the white Converse."
Am I happy with my choice? Very. Am I disappointed in myself for not taking the leap? Kind of. Will I walk past those trainers every time I go to the shop with regret? Watch this space.
At least the fashion world has been kind to us this summer. Yes, flip flops are pretty, comfy and cheap but given our wonderful British weather, it's nice to know the option of a bright and bold trainer is still on trend! New Balance, Nike or Converse have some fabulous option this S/S. Or, if you are a 'play it safe' kinda girl sometimes, as I was today, a pair of bright white pumps are perfect!
So jog on or shop on, whichever suits.

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